I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but have been traveling constantly since 2018.

I’ve been an independent, remote freelancer for 10+ years in IT Operations / Service Reliability Engineering for businesses in a variety of sectors including entertainment, finance, healthcare and manufacturing.

I’ve been a vegan for ethical reasons since the mid-90’s, I also track vegan spots I’ve visited on my travels if you’re into that sort of thing:  https://thekindatlas.com

I also sometimes make creative bots on social media, it started in 2015 as an excuse to learn Python and became sort of a hobby.


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Where am I now?

Mexico City, Mexico From: 2020-11-19
Until: 2021-03-09


Los Angeles, CA, United States From: 2020-09-20
Until: 2020-11-19


, From:

Travel Statistics

48 cities visited in 35 different countries for a total of 91711 miles traveled since 2018.