@Chest Bot is an interactive Mastodon bot which procedurally generates treasure chest contents. It keeps track of each player’s inventory and score using an SQLite database. Contents like cobwebs, sawdust, dust bunnies etc. do not stay in your inventory. It functions as a simple game since there is a chance of death whenever you open a chest and if you die you lose your current inventory resetting your score to zero.  It briefly had an “enter chest” command which led to a whole Interactive Fiction game, but I later decided to split that off into its own bot -> @ifictionbot

@chest_bot currently responds to the following commands (there are some undocumented commands as well):

  • help
  • inventory
  • leaderboard
  • look
  • open chest
  • score
  • drop [item description]
  • give [item description] to [[email protected]]

Platform: Mastodon