[Update 10-11-2019] Twitter permanently suspended the account without explanation, it was fun while it lasted!

@icetsvu was inspired by a series of LiarTown posts from 2015 which I love dearly.  The bot uses a python script to generate fake drug names and bizarre scenarios for Fin Tutuola to describe and then uses ImageMagick to caption them over SVU screenshots.

I was really happy to find out the real Ice-T actually thinks its funny!

From the BuzzFeed article:

“My favourite one is this Twitter page that has photos of Tutuola talking, but it’s me saying some random shit that I never said, and it’s funny as fuck. It’s hilarious.”

Launched: Dec 2016

Platforms: Instagram, Mastodon

Press: Prosthetic Knowledge, Nerdist, BuzzFeed, Oxygen