[Update: June 2020] Due to the pandemic and related supply chain issues I’m putting this project on hold for now. Hopefully when things in the world are looking more normal again I can start this back up. Send me an email here if you’d like to be notified when the site is back up.

T-Shirts Bot generates overly specific t-shirts which you can buy and wear!

This project started out as a simple bot which generated images inspired by some of the bizarre, overly specific, auto-generated shirts I had seen popping up on social media.

After the bot had been running for a little while I decided to see if I could actually build an app to generate real t-shirts.

The app uses Python and ImageMagick to procedurally generate the design, then the t-shirt is added as a new product on the woocommerce based site – https://tshirtsbot.com

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