I had been to Taipei before just for layovers, but this was the first time coming to visit. I stayed in the Da’an district which had tons of good vegan restaurants, 3rd wave coffee shops and the Da’an forest park with lots of squirrels and cranes… These are mostly street photos from my wanders but also some pictures from a 3-day indie/ shoegaze/ psych rock festival at Continue Music Studio which was recommended by a friend who lives in Taipei. Other photos are from the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan and the Taipei 101 building, which is totally a tourist attraction but honestly I just wanted to see the world’s largest Devo hat (Tuned Mass Damper) on the 89th floor; totally worth it…

Coming from Tokyo, it was nice to see so few tourists around. More locals spoke english than I expected, and people in general were super friendly. I only stayed for a week but I really loved it and I would probably stay longer next time.

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