In July 2019 I took a Marshrutka (like a shared minivan taxi) from Tbilisi to Yerevan. Getting there was pretty easy but things started off complicated. On my first day I found a hidden camera in my apartment (you can see the photo I took of myself when I discovered it on the wifi network). They had poked a hole in the side of an empty vacuum cleaner box in the kitchen. I decided to just disable it and wait until after I checked out to alert AirBNB. To their credit, as soon as I let them know they refunded my money and suspended the host account but the whole experience was pretty unsettling. I tried not to let it get me down and I really enjoyed myself in Yerevan. Unfortunately, on the Marshrutka on the way back, our driver got food poisoning so the poor guy had to stop every 15 minutes to sprint for a bathroom. Going the scenic route wasn’t so bad, we were in no rush and I made friends with a couple fellow passengers and got to see some gorgeous countryside along the Azerbaijan border.